Make Your Own Screen at The Factory, Lakes of Fire 2019

Welcome to The Factory's online headquarters

The Factory

For Lakes of Fire: Summerween, we're all about mass production.

The Factory will boast four state-of-the-lake printing stations and a full library of W.C.R. designs. Choose from one of our screens, or bring one of your own (see below)! We'll have everything you need to make something awesome for you, your crew, and everyone else standing nearby. 

After you attend one of our daily trainings, you have total access to The Factory. That's right - stop by anytime you want to bang out some prints. Plus, you'll leave with a fill knowledge or printing and studio care basics. 

screen printing ink

Bring your own design to Lakes

Have a design you'd like to share? Want to make swag for your theme camp? We can help with that! Below, we've listed a couple ways you can make a silk screen, or have a silk screen made for you. Pack carefully!

How to create a silk screen

Prepare your design

The best designs for screen printing are completely black & white with medium to low detail. (In the design above, text would be black and everything else white or transparent.) If you aren't sure your design will print, please reach out to us. 

Want to have your screen made? Submit to Anthem Screen Printing Supplies

Anthem Screen Printing ships pre-burned screens directly to your door. Lower mesh counts work better for most fabrics, but make sure to read all instructions as you work through the process. Again, feel free to reach out! 

pre-burned screens from anthem screen printing supplies

Want to make your screen yourself? Visit your local studio!

Many will offer open studio hours and/or classes during which you can make your own screen.  If you are in the Chicago area, we recommend checking out Spudnik Press. Otherwise, do a quick google search for studios in your area.

See you at the lake!

If you are planning to come with your whole camp to print swag, let us know in advance so we can make sure to have a clear studio for you. We'll update this page with our exact location as soon as we know ourselves.